Pre Matrimonial Investigation

 Thousands of such cases have been undertaken by Beirut Private investigators in Kenya. Statistics reveal that 55% of information, given prior to the marriages are false. These statistics can be more, when bad luck puts one up with unscrupulous & wicked people, who are interested in just getting married by hook or crook because, once the marriage is solemnized, one has to tolerate the same Spouse for the rest of their lives. The “CHARACTER ” (which consists of 20 factors) of the “Spouse to be “, needs to be checked thoroughly before tying the knot. Investigating the prospective bride / groom’s current and whenever possible past relationship will go a long way in making a sensible decision about performing the marriage. Also concealed previous Marriage / Divorce will create havoc in the marriage life, but any prior information if thrown up by pre-marital investigation, can save a lot of harassment and litigations.

 Many  individuals & families are highly litigants by nature & have criminal bent of mind to the extent of actually being criminals . For information to be known prior  money has to be  spent on pre-marital investigation. The Education, Financial and Family details given, may be far from the truth, which might lead to financial and social traumas and an anguished, horrible life, with a seemingly innocent “Spouse to be “. Information like, Education Qualifications, Employment, Business, Financial status, Family Background, Social status and Habits like Drugs, Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, Criminal Record, Flirting, etc, can be source of major financial stress besides having a far reaching psychological impact on both the addict and partner. Knowledge of these addictions is a must prior to taking any decision about the marriage.

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