Corporate Intelligence is the process of obtaining information from a range of trusted sources to assist clients to better understand the nature of actual or prospective business partners, suppliers, customers or employees.

How BEIRUT can help

Our Corporate Intelligence team provides:

Asset tracing

  • Identification of all land and properties 
  • Identification of relevant hidden asset vehicles (asset sheltering) 
  • Identification of current and previous directorships 
  • Identification of all current shareholdings of legal entities 
  • Identification of other assets held in the individual’s name.

Integrity due diligence

  • The legal ownership of the company 
  • The beneficial owners of the company, and its key management
  • The background, reputation and business track record of the company 
  • The reputation and integrity of the owners and the key management of the company 
  • The associated and affiliated entities of the owners and shareholders of the company 
  • A summary of the credit history and the latest financial results of the company 
  • A summary of recent press articles and other publications referring to the company, its key management and other associated and affiliated entities.

Integrity due diligence can also be used for individuals.

Recent case study

Our client had an existing business relationship with a connection, which included three individuals (“the individuals”), two brothers and a business associate. The debtors were no longer co-operating and the bank (our client) was exposed for a substantial amount of money. The bank was considering its options as it held personal guarantees from each of the individuals. The bank requested us to undertake a detailed asset tracing exercise.

Our asset tracing review identified properties in Kenya, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the USA, which the bank previously had no visibility on. In particular, there was a recent sale of an unencumbered property in Florida, USA and a number of transfers to spouses that the bank was able to bring to the attention of the individuals.

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