Adultery investigation: do you suspect your partner is being unfaithful? Beirut Private Investigators, located in The Kenya, can help you with a thorough, confidential and efficient investigation of potential adultery. We are discrete and professional, as you may expect from an experienced detective agency.

Located in Nairobi in the Kenya, the Beirut Private Investigators specialises in adultery investigation. We conduct adultery investigations in a completely discrete and professional manner. Suspecting that your partner is committing adultery is naturally a highly sensitive matter. We at the Beirut Private Investigators understand that it is important for you, that an adultery investigation is conducted by a detective agency with the necessary investigative experience.

There can be a variety of signals that warrant an investigation into the potentially adulterous behaviour of your partner:

  • You have noticed that your partner is secretive regarding his or her mobile phone, never leaves the phone unguarded and consistently deletes messages, which previously wasn’t the case.
  • Your partner is spending more time on his or her appearance.
  • Your partner is consistently staying late at work, meetings or courses, explaining that it will be impossible to reach him or her via the phone during this period.
  • Your partner is getting up earlier with the argument that he or she has to start earlier than normal.
  • Your partner is behaving differently in the relationship. It could be that he or she is more distant, or giving you more attention. The latter is compensation behaviour.
  • Your partner is engaging in new activities during the evening or weekend, like a sport or hobby.

Discrete and professional adultery investigation

If you make use of the Beirut Private Investigators, located in The Kenya, we will investigate the situations that you would like to see investigated in relation to the potentially adulterous activities of your partner. We will do this in the most thorough and careful manner. We conduct our investigation through the use of static and dynamic observation.

We are discrete and professional, as you may expect from an experienced Private Investigator. In order to conduct the investigation as effectively as possible, we ask you to provide various sources of information, such as a photograph of your partner, his or her car’s licence plate, and the time and address where you would like us to commence our investigation. During the investigation we maintain contact with you, so that you are always up to date with the investigation’s progress and findings.

The Beirut Private Investigators is highly experienced in effectively supplying the facts you need; whatever those facts may be. Our objective is to provide you with the truth. Bring in our detective agency, located in The Kenya, for an experienced and humane approach.

You may use the evidence to confront your partner and come to a solution together if there is actual evidence of adultery. Our evidence may also provide the security and foundation required to initiate a divorce. Under current Kenyan law adultery is not a valid reason for divorce. However, adultery can be used as evidence to argue the case of an irreparable disjointing of a marriage, and that can be grounds for a divorce. The private detectives of the Beirut Private Investigators can be of service to you with a thorough, confidential and efficient investigation. We can provide clear-cut proof through a detailed report, supported with photographic evidence. We show what is truly happening.

As certified detectives we are legally obliged to act confidentially and in adherence with strict privacy-related behavioural codes. We work with a secure online dossier. Your personal dossier is always up-to-date and can be viewed at any time of the day. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and the price of our services.

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